David Cummings – also known as “Healthy Dave” lives in the hinterland on the east coast of Australia with his family. He is a Health Advocate that appreciates natural health and living, and loves to talk about the 7 principles of health.

There are so many natural remedies that can be applied to almost every situation and ailment in life, so it’s no wonder that there is so much to talk about. Seeing many people help themselves naturally without the advent of modern medicines and drugs, curing the body naturally should be “second nature” to us all. The real question we all should be asking is, do you tried natural remedies and foods to help heal your body ?


David loves to discuss many different facets of “My Health and Living” as there are just so many things that can be avoided because of good health principles. If you make certain choices about your health, living, diet and lifestyle and follow great remedies, then you are sure to enjoy life and minimise any sickness. So allow me to ask this question once again, Have you considered your own natural state, and how healthy you really are ? Consider living healthy, and applying the 7 principles of health.

Enjoy your Life, and get back to your own… “My Health and Living” feeling !

Kind Regards,
Healthy Dave

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