Get Rid Of Warts The Natural Way – Part 1

There are many kinds of skin blemishes and one of these is WARTS. Anyone who has even been afflicted with warts knows exactly how unpleasant they can be. They are unsightly, embarrassing, and are sometimes painful, which can make life a complete misery.

For those who have unsightly and highly visible warts, they most often would want to have them removed. Usually, they would pay a visit to the doctor or the dermatologist in order for the problem to be remedied. Warts can be removed surgically if warranted. However, there are safer, more affordable, and less invasive methods to get rid of these unpleasant skin blemishes. Read on and find out how to get rid of warts the natural way.

Banana Skins


Applying the inside of banana skins to warts is known to be an effective way of removing them. It is believed that the slightly acidic nature of the inside of the banana skin helps to cauterize the warts and remove them. A small piece of banana skin is taped to the wart and left in place for several days in order for it to be effective.

This wart treatment strategy works best if the banana skin is applied shortly before going to bed and left in place overnight. This is one way of completing the treatment, particularly if the wart is located in a highly visible place in the body and you wouldn’t want to walk around with a piece of banana skin taped to your body.

Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid is extracted from the bark of the willow tree and is used to ‘burn’ the warts away. It is a solution that is used to get rid of warts effectively. However, this requires a good deal of attention since the solution needs to be applied once or twice every day. The solution also comes in different strengths, the use and frequency of which is quite dependent on the type and size of the wart being treated. The upside is, using a salicylic acid based treatment is likely to get rid of warts more quickly compared to other natural methods.

Even though salicylic acid is a natural substance, it is nevertheless still an acid. It is therefore recommended that the weakest solution be used initially to see how effective it is. Only then should you move on to a stronger solution if it does not yield any results.

It is also necessary to use care when applying salicylic acid so that you do not apply it to the healthy skin surrounding the warts. While it is unlikely to do some serious or long-lasting damage, it can nevertheless be irritating and will cause itching and redness.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is known to be a ‘wonder’ treatment, because whatever skin problem you have, aloe vera helps in relieving it. Warts are no exception to this.

In order to treat warts using aloe vera, the best thing to do is to use aloe vera juice. Since aloe vera juice is not easy to extract effectively, it makes sense to treat warts with commercially extracted aloe vera juice, or perhaps, an aloe vera based cream.

To do this, apply the aloe vera cream to the wart or soak a cotton ball with aloe vera solution and tape it to the wart using a bandaid or a strip of medical tape. Keep this on for several days in order to see visible results.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is an essential oil produced from a native shrub found in Northern Australia. It is believed to be a strong antifungal and antibiotic agent with well-known antiseptic qualities. Because of its antibacterial properties, it has become an extremely popular way of getting rid of warts.

The application of tea tree oil to warts is quite simple. All you need is to just apply it to the offending wart daily and you will see positive results in just a few days.

The rate of successful wart removal from tea tree oil application is high, which is why it is an effective method to get rid of warts the natural way.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is derived from the Ricinus communis plant, which contains undecylenic acid. This acid is a powerful dermal antifungal that attacks warts. It is the active ingredient in many over-the-counter skin treatments since it is highly effective in relieving itching, burning, and other common skin irritations.

Not only does undecylenic acid possess antifungal qualities, it also has known antiviral and antibacterial qualities, making it effective as a natural wart treatment.

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