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Body Oil

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Body Oil is a an absolute treat!

Body Oil

Body Oil

Aside from the inviting natural aroma of its essential oils, it has many uses.
Many people use it to soothe and help dry damaged skin. We personally love it because it heals and seals my itchy dry skin on my face, and it allows me to smell very natural all day.

My wife loves it because it is great for Itchy Scalp – especially if you have a head full of thick hair, (as you are more prone to itchy scalp). It smells beautiful. In fact, some people just use it on their neck instead of perfume, and receive amazing complimenting comments from their friends.

It also is renowned for stopping the itch from Mozzie bites, sand fly bites and more ! And the best bit is, there are no harsh chemicals, it is 100% natural and smells divine !

Vets and horse owners love it as it helps stop and heal the “Queensland Itch” that so many horses get.
and pooch lovers (dog owners) also rave about it as it stops that insatiable itch on dogs as well. It must be the combination of essential oils that work together to fight off the little bities, and help heal the affected areas.

Try it today, as this investment will last more than a fleeting moment because these essential oils are thin and go a long way. Here’s your tip, when you apply it to your skin (or the skin of your animal), don’t “pour it on”, instead put 2 drops on the affected area, and get your 3 fingers and rub it in, then go to the next sport and repeat. That way it will go a long way and last a very long time. You’ll be amazed by the results !


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  1. 5 out of 5


    I love this product. I bought it while on holidays at Kings beach last September. I used it on my stretch marked belly and anywhere that required extra love. The smell is amazing. I used it also to relax before bed. I little dab on my nose and on my wrists and it has been wonderful. Very pure product.

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