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Personal Insect Repellant

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Personal Insect Repellant

insect repellant personalThis easy to use roll-on personal insect repellant is great for the whole family. Excellent for kids – as it has NO Nasties.

It Repels: Flies, Mosquitoes, Sand Flies, Ticks and other biting disease carrying bugs and insects naturally.

mosquitoSay goodbye to those Nastie little Mosquitos and bugs !


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    I don’t know if this will help, but be sure to check in the windowsills of your house. When I do my diunstg, I find all kinds of perished critters there (I live in the country).If you want to catch yellow jackets, put some meat out and then have your net ready. They love meat! (I’m sure other things will come by it too!) If you are worried about getting stung, have a helper with you who isn’t afraid.Also, be sure to check around outside your house and in fields. I find dead bugs around our barn and near the lights too.Best of luck.

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