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There are many ways to keep your body strong and healthy, namely avoiding the things that interfere with the harmony of the body! Living by the 7 principles of health we can all avoid disease, recover quicker from sickness, and help others see that the natural way is the best way. We trust you will enjoy this website, and our aim is that you hopefully get a better understanding of the things that will enable you to
live a fulfilled happy life.
My Health And Living Can Help You... We want to help you discover safe natural alternatives to your personal health care,using great products and remedies that actually work. many people want to look after themselves, and try and eat healthy and live a avoid the things that interfere in their body's harmony. We believe that living by the 7 principles of health will enable you to live a health and prosperous life. We encourage you to embrace all that is before you, and of course, share the opportunity with others. Life is a wonderful journey, and you too can enjoy real health !  

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We are very excited to team up with bush Essentials, a 100% Natural Health and Skin Care product range that promotes Protection and Rejuvenation for your whole Body.
Bush Essentials was established in 2005 and manufacturers high performance natural skin care products with ingredients of the highest quality in our Sunshine Coast factory in Queensland in Australia.  

Bush Essentials looks to nature to provide the ingredients for our product range.
Our products have been developed with respect for our environment. They are gentle on the skin, restore natural beauty and re-vitalise your very own beauty.  
Bush Essentials skin care range is a better way to care for your skin.  
We manufacture unique products that are a little different.  
We have respect for our customers.  
We love the products we make and sell  
We are excited about the future and know what we want to achieve.  
We will continue to make a difference.  
We want to spread the word that there is a healthy natural alternative  

My Health and Living - Natural Remedies for Life

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Healthy Living Your attitude is a state of mind and the way we perceive things. It is what sets us apart from others as far as anything in life is concerned. It represents your likes and dislikes. Attitudes can be defined as positive, negative or neutral perceptions of certain things or ideas. Attitudes can be formed as different forms of judgments that may be true or untrue.
To prevent the presence of aging, you have to focus on doing what you can to stay young. You have to work at implementing a few ways that this can be done. There are three areas in particular that will help you get to this point. They deal with the physical , mental and emotional aspects of not wanting to age.
Eating a balanced meal is key to having a healthy body. It helps you to stay strong and keep your immune system healthy. It can also help you to ward off health ailments that could hinder your body.
Along with exercise, it’s important that you eat healthy and be sure to eat your three main meals each day. It’s also important that you eat small meals in between. You should eat at least three to four of them.
Just repeating, you should get all your dietary intake of vitamins and minerals from the real natural foods you eat. If not, then you should change your diet. Nevertheless, consider these:

These five vitamins do the following:
Vitamin A – maintains healthy teeth and good vision
Vitamin B – help you get energy, help carry oxygen to your body
Vitamin C – help keep your gums and muscles intact, also helps to prevent infections
Vitamin D – maintains strong bones and teeth
Vitamin E – contains antioxidants, maintains your eyes, skin and liver

It’s important that we try and get these from the natural foods we eat. If you want to show good life through your youthful state, then you need to eat living food !

Your skin is reflection of what is in the inside. Eat right, and keep it clean, maintain a healthy skin cleanse routine, and you will always have great skin.

We trust that you will enjoy Your New My Health And Living Site.

Stay Safe, Healthy and Happy,
David C